Day 15: Submitting Your Ego 30 Day HuntFIT™ Fitness Transformation Challenge

Day 15: HuntFIT™ 30 Day Fitness Transformation Challenge
Day 15 Challenge: Submitting Your Ego
Tip: Learning to overcome your ego will increase your feeling of self worth. There is a certain guilt associated with ego.  Deep down inside we all want to feel liked and loved.  A person who's inner most desires are neglected, can develop a sense of ego as a way to cope.  Ego can cause problems in the workplace, in personal relationships, family relationships and many other areas of your life. 
Here are a few tips to help get you on the road to submitting your ego:
1. Try and see things from the other persons perspective.  Placing yourself in their shoes is an instant way to shock the own personal reality you are living in.  Seeing things from the other persons perspective fosters compassion. 
2. Be kind to every person you meet.  Take yourself back to a place in your life, before the stresses of life left you feeling jaded.  Think about how innocent and naturally kind you were to people.  Do whatever you can, every day, to take yourself back to a place of natural kindness without expectation of anything in return. 
3. React less to negativity.  When people know they can get a reaction out of you, they can use it as a tool to manipulate you. If you react to every situation in life, instead of process and ponder, it robs from you the ability to be objective. 
4. Try and be objective.  Being pessimistic is easy, but being solution minded and objective can help you cut through unnecessary "noise" and direct your attention to possible solutions.
5. Think about your health. Ego can often time lead to anger. Recently we heard of a man who was 90 years old and looked as if he was in his fifties.  When asked the secret to his longevity and youthful look, he said "I don't get mad at anyone for anything. Ego can often time lead to anger.  
6. Find peace through submission.   There is a certain, unexplainable peace, that only comes through submitting you ego.  Submitting your ego opens the door and tears down the walls you have developed as a result of your natural fight or flight defense mechanism. There is peace and tranquility, through submitting your ego. 

Don't be too hard on yourself.  No one is perfect.  If you fail while on the path to your fitness goal, try again tomorrow. 

Day 15: Food examples

    • 3 eggs, 4 sausage links, half an avocado
    • 1 Low Carb Protein Shake
    • Homemade Keto Pizza
    • 2Good Yogurt with whipped cream
    • Gatorade Zero 
    • 1 Mt Dew Zero
    • Berries

At this point in the challenge you should be thinking about what exercises you want include in your own workouts and get in at least 30-60 mins of continuous physical exercise every day.


    • Walking
    • Running
    • Biking
    • Stretching
    • Light weight training
    • Swimming
    • Climbing stairs
    • Walking up hills
    • Pushup
    • Sit-up
    • Hiking with pack
    • Rucking in the city with hunting boots on

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