Day 24: Practical Hunting Exercises 30 Day HuntFIT™ Fitness Transformation Challenge

Day 24: HuntFIT™ 30 Day Fitness Transformation Challenge
Day 24 Challenge: Practical Hunting Exercises

Tip: Take the time to train with the same gear you will be using while hunting.  Failing to train and familiarize yourself with your actual hunting gear can leave you frustrated and without success.  Up to 50 percent of all unsuccessful hunts can be attributed to lack of proper physical conditioning.  Training with your gear well in advance of hunting season will greatly improve chances of success on your next hunt.

Here are a few of our favorite practical hunting exercise tips:

  1. Train hard, Hunt easy!  As many have said, the harder you train in advance of your next hunt, the easier the actual hunt will be. 
  2. Find a hill near your home and start using it to train!  Working out on hills will develop specific groups of muscles in your legs and your core that will pay dividends on your next hunt. 
  3. Train in your hunting boots.  Training in your hunting boots not only ensures that your boots are properly broken in, but also ensures that your feet will have the proper conditioning. 
  4. Hike with your weapon, whenever possible. One item often overlooked while preparing for hunting season, is the ability to carry around your weapon for extended periods of time. It may seem silly, but trust us when we tell you that trainign as often as possible with your weapon will increase stamina while in the field. 
  5. Learn to side step and navigate different types of terrain.  Learning to navigate various types of terrain with all your gear on, can be a real task.  When wearing your pack, make sure to maintain an even center of gravity and not to pack too much weight into the top of your pack.  

Don't be too hard on yourself.  No one is perfect.  If you fail while on the path to your fitness goal, try again tomorrow. 

At this point in the journey you should have a pretty good handle on the keto diet.  Make sure to check out:

Try to get in at least 30-60 mins of continuous physical exercise every day.


    • Walking
    • Running
    • Biking
    • Stretching
    • Light weight training
    • Swimming
    • Climbing stairs
    • Walking up hills
    • Pushup
    • Sit-up
    • Hiking with pack
    • Rucking in the city with hunting boots on

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