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Proper physical fitness is the most valuable asset you can have while on a hunt.  HuntFIT ™ provides you with the motivational tools you need to succeed in the field. We share with you, what worked for us, including custom meal plans, exercise routines, and more.   DRAW MORE TAGS ™ will get you in the field, and ready for your hunt with our HuntFit ™ motivational program, included with our Guidesman Membership™. 

You are your most valuable asset!  Take care of yourself...

Life's circumstances can be tough, but there's hope! We get it, aging, stress, not enough hours in the day? We have literally been there.  One pound turns into 5, and then 20, and next thing you know, you can barely walk around the block.  

Jesse , founder of Draw More Tags ™, has an extreme passion for helping motivate others and encouraging them to a place of better health. 

As a hunter, the most valuable asset one can have, is physical health. 

HuntFit ™ aims to provide its users with the necessary motivation to assist in  overcoming  a defeated mindset, obesity, and other health related issues related to poor fitness. 


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Personal message from the founder, Mr. Jesse Kaufman: 

"Hello, and welcome to Draw More Tags ™.  We are so excited that you have chosen to visit us and are looking to become HuntFIT ™. In 2014 my brother tragically and suddenly passed away and I found myself feeling great sorrow. I gradually started to gain weight, and before you know it, I was weighing in at over 300 lbs. I had given up on most of my dreams, and hunting was no exception. I remember not even having enough energy to go outside and walk around the block, let alone go on a backcountry elk hunt with nothing more than my bow and pack. As the pounds piled on, so did the misery. 

In November or 2018, my life was at a crossroads.   I could continue in misery and watch every single dream I had evaporate, or I could fight.  I chose to fight.  It's been almost 4 years now, and the transformation has not been easy, but I'm here to let someone know that is struggling, change is possible. You have what it takes to change your situation with the proper motivation, dedication, and implementation.  You can do it!

In 2019, I started David Goggins, Cameron Hanes, Jocko Willink, , Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, and many more. The inspiration they provided was life changing. Motivation, combined with proper nutrition and exercise, enabled me to rapidly transform myself from someone without hope, to a person that overcame the odds. You too can be an overcomer!  I want to personally help you with overcoming a defeated mindset. 

I overcame obesity, low back pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, sleep apnea, sadness, low self esteem, as well as many other health issues, and transformed myself by the grace of God into a person of better health.  You can do the same. I have faith in you and look forward to being an inspiration to those that are hurting and looking to transform their lives. "



Disclaimer- Nothing contained within this website should be mistaken as medical, health, or fitness advice.  We are merely sharing with our users vetted techniques and methods that we have personally used to become more healthy and physically fit. Users should always consult their physician or a qualified nutritionist first before beginning any diet or exercise regimen.  There is no substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice. Everything related to fitness and contained within this site is for motivational and educational purposes only, and should not be mistaken for medical or fitness advice. 

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